PU raw material
Polyurethane Stone--Made from PU Wood Imitation Foam
1. Product Description:
The wood imitation material is widely used for produce decorative building material,
decorative cornice and board, sofa leg, carved furniture and artware, decorative wall
panel, picture frame, mirror frame, wood imitation furniture spare parts, European
classical style furniture, shoe mould, large carving products, ski board core, auto spare
parts, car interior furnishing, etc. The material is suitable for high pressure foaming
machine, low pressure foaming machine and manual foaming.
The advantage of imitation wood polyurethane rigid foam:
Good liquidity, uniform density, good compressive strength and size stability, light weight,
free maintenance, corrosion resistance, waterproof, sound/thermal insulation, flame retardant,
save manpower and material; Green cfc-free foaming technique, excellent self-adhesive
performance (without any intermediate bonding materials), strong bonding effect with
material such as wood, metal, brick, glass, etc; Stable chemical properties, long service
life and does not make environment pollution; Closed cell, closed rate was 95%.

Compared with natural wood, pu imitation wood material has obvious advantage: molding.
It can be applied in mould mass production of various shapes, especially good at carving
patterns. Carved wood product looks vivid. Repeated molding performance is very good,
molding process is simple, time-saving and efficient; The products appearance and
performance are similar to wood, strength is higher, density lower, can be dug, saw or drill;
Also has excellent acid and alkali proof and anti-corrosion performance.

High density polyurethane rigid foam has high intensity, strong carrying capacity, and the
weight is very light, can replace denser traditional plasterboard, polyester, glass fiber
reinforced plastic and other composite wood. Pu foam can used for producing decorative
panels, ceiling, big droplight pattern plate, etc. It has advantage of repeated high accuracy
in molding production, product size precision, clear printing pattern, wood texture vivid,
exactly copy all kinds of complicated carving handicraft, save manual and work time.

2. Imitation Wood Composite Polyether Parameters
2.1 Chemical composition introduction:
This premixed polyether is composed of polyether polyols, crosslinking agent, foam
stabilizing agent, catalyst, blowing agent, flame retardant, it reacts with isocyanate. The
pu system has good liquidity, uniform density, the generated foam has good adhesion,
good dimensional stability. It is suitable for high and low pressure foaming machine.


2.2 Physical properties of the premixed polyether:


Dark yellow viscous liquid



Viscosity (25)



2.3 Recommend formula:

Premixed polyether polyol





2.4 Reaction Characteristics (material temperature 20℃, test by hand)

Stirring time(s)


Cream time(s)


Gel time(s)


Tack free time(s)


The reaction time can adjust according to the requirements of the user.

2.5 Physical properties of the foam:

Density (kg/cm3)


Hardness (shore A)


Tensile strength (MPa)


Elongation at break (%)


Compression strength 10% (MPa)


Impact strength (KJ/m2)